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    Guest OS Space reclamation

    mikeleahy1234 Novice

      Hi Guys


      I am testing the new guest OS space reclamation in horizon 5.2


      Here is my setup


      esxi 5.1  U1

      Vcenter 5.1

      Compellant array that supports unmap

      Linked clone pool , created from new image that was built with version 9 hardware


      At the end of the pool options , reclaim guest OS is ticked and set to 1gb with no blackout period


      Here is my test  :


      Logged into a vdi vm, copied 3 files to desktop that had a total of 9 GB. Checked my VC storage and compellant view and both had increased appropriately.


      Then i deleted the files and ran vdmadmin.exe -M -d View -m vdi1 -markForSpaceReclamation  and this seems to be accepted but nothing happens ??


      I dont get the space back in VC or on the compellant view so something is not working.


      When i go into view admin and select a desktop I dont see any fields for "space reclamation etc"  . Space reclamation is selected for VC


      What am i missing???


      Thanks in advance