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    Swapping I/O card order

    taylorb Expert

      I need to add some additional I/O cards to my Vmware host and it looks like I am going to need to move some cards around on the motherboard to make room.   Like moving a Quad Nic from a full height to a half height slot and swapping some 4Gb cards to x4 slots to open up some x8 slots for dual 10GbE card.   I worry this might change the detected NIC or HBAs in Vmware and mess up my vswitches and datastore connections.     Has anyone done this before?     Honestly I'm most concerned about the network.   I don't want vmnic3 to detect as vmnic6 or something like that, and then send traffic to the wrong vlan.   Datastore should just find the paths as long as the links are up, I would assume.


      I'd love to hear your related experiences.