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    vmware and hyper-v

    jmtella Enthusiast

      Thos version can coexist with Hyper-V?

      In the same machine at the same time.




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          dariusd Virtuoso
          VMware EmployeesUser Moderators

          Workstation can't run under Hyper-V (or alongside Hyper-V), but we can run Hyper-V inside a Workstation VM as long as the host OS doesn't have Hyper-V enabled.  This is unchanged from Workstation 9.0.x.





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            jmtella Enthusiast

            Yes I know and use.

            But that's not my question. What is missing in Windows 8 is precisely that which can coexist with Hyper-V on the same machine (without having to restart the operating system with Hyper-V disabled).


            And this need not as a developer or IT, but an actual end-user needs.


            Nor are valid responses like: hypervisor hypervisor type 1 and type 2. Technically it would be possible to convert vmware. Similar to W8/W2008/2012 operation when loaded below the operating system, driver HyperV.

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              dariusd Virtuoso
              VMware EmployeesUser Moderators

              Unfortunately, whenever Hyper-V is enabled on the host, the host OS will itself be running inside a Hyper-V partition, so everything running on the host OS is subject to Hyper-V's limitations.  We have no way to interpose ourselves at a lower level than the host OS's integrated hypervisor.  A host with Hyper-V enabled will therefore only be able to run applications for which Hyper-V can provide a suitable virtual environment.


              So, as far as I know, until Microsoft enhances Hyper-V to provide the virtual CPU features/fixes required for it to safely run nested virtual machines, it will not be possible to run Workstation on a host with Hyper-V enabled.


              I hope this helps explain the situation...



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                mfelker Expert

                I found this out the hard way and not with VMwar which doesn't install under a Hyper-V enabled host.  VB did but upon rebooting Windowsl8 the OS hung before the login screen appear.  Fortunately I had an image backup.  So uninstall Hyper-V before playing  with VMware or VB.

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                  epora75 Lurker

                  I am running Hyper-V Windows 8 and VMware Workstation 9.x side-by-side. This is what I did.

                  1) Made sure Hyper-V role was disabled

                  2) Installed VMware

                  3) Re-enabled Hyper-V role

                  4) Made the following entry in the my vmx that I wanted to fire up to allow nested VMs

                       vmx.allowNested = "TRUE"


                  I needed VMware, since the Linux Integration Services capabilities is poor for Hyper-V on Win8. Specifically talking about graphics display.  For all Windows based VMs, I use Hyper-V.