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    The problem when using multiple timers to send Ajax request

    XIAOLEIHU Novice

      My problem can be described as follows:


      The vPlugin uses timers to refresh data. However, sometimes the request from vClient will not come to vCenter Server. The same code, if I use a browser instead of vClient to visit vCenter Server, there is no this problem. If I use vClient, put vPlugin code on a web server instead of vCenter Server, there is also no this problem. That means only when using vClient to send request to vCenter Server with multiple timers, my code will encounter this problem, which causes the refresh not stable.


      If there is only a timer, it seems there is no this question. I have wrote some simple code for test, and I think this problem is related with number of Timer, type of Timer and time interval of Timer.


      The following is part of the test code and result, the version of vClient and vCenter Server is 5.1.0-799735.


      Number of TimerType of TimerTime IntervalRequest TypeResultRequest TotalRequest MissedTest CodeResult Log
      2setInterval & setTimeout



      Dojo ajax


      Miss request sometimes373test1.jsp, dispatcher_test1.jsplog1.txt
      3setInterval & setTimeout




      Dojo ajax


      Miss request sometimes272test2.jsp, dispatcher_test1.jsplog2.txt


      Does anyone has encountered the same problem? Or some suggestion?

      I will be very grateful for your feedback.

      Attach my test files.