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    Manage Vpx.Vpxa.config.log.level For Auto Deploy ESXi Hosts?

    aaronwsmith Hot Shot

      We recently completed an upgrade to ESXi 5.1 via Auto Deploy.  One thing we immediately found was the vpxa log level defaults to verbose and collectively all ESXi hosts produced too much syslog traffic until the log level was reduced to info.  Unfortunately it seems you cannot manager the Vpx.Vpxa.config.log.level setting in Host Profiles.  We tried multiple times to get this setting to show up in the host profile, but did not succeed and opened a support ticket with VMware.  Their response was that this setting is not managable via Host Profiles and that the following KB is outdated in that this setting is not yet listed:


      VMware KB: Some advanced configuration options are not supported with Host Profiles


      I then wrote a PowerCLI script that can set the log level for vpxa service to info on all ESXi hosts and plan to run it very freqently to ensure any rebooted ESXi host has it's log level setting restored.


      But I'm wondering how other people are dealing with the verbose log level from vpxa?  We discussed filtering the verbose messages on the syslog server, but that option does not fit well into our organization, and ultimately it would still mean the hosts are generating the syslog traffic and wasting resources doing so.


      Thanks in advance for any input/suggestions on how you are dealing with this challenge.  I've submitted a feature request to VMware to add this advanced setting into Host Profile support; I'm surprised it's not already there!