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    Private network with Internet access

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         Using WS 9. Trying to build an isolated 'private' network that still has access to the Internet for testing purposes? I have built a VM that has AD, DNS, and DHCP installed. Wondering if it's doable to isolate this VM from the corporate LAN, but allow it to have access to the Internet to d/load patches/security fixes?


      I have created the 'private' network as follows (VMnet2):



      Thank you



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          WoodyZ Guru

          Host-only is just that and does not communicate beyond the Host.  You could add a Bridged or NAT Network Adapter to the Virtual Machine and connect it to make your updates and disconnect it when done.

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            BenjaminCramphornRP Lurker

            I appreciate that this question is fairly old but I came across it during a search on a similar issue and wanted to provide a second alternative solution. The best way I've found to do this would be to use a free Network Appliance like pfsense and give it two NICs. One interface configured on your internal HOST only network which you give an IP on your internal subnet. Then you just set your client devices within your network to use this as the default gateway.


            Secondly you then want to add a second NIC that is bridged or natted to your real life network.


            End result is devices in your lab can communicate with each other on the HOST only network and then if they need to go out to the internet they can do so by using the pfsense box to route the traffic to the internet.


            Hope this helps