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    Deleting CIVM from a CIvApp

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      I would like to remove a specific CIVM from a CIvApp. The CIvApp is stopped and powered off. The following bit of code works but performance is inconsistent. Sometimes it takes a few seconds, sometimes it takes extremely long to do 1 VM (1min 15 seconds). Even with the PowerCLI XmlSerializers installed. It's more than like it's because I'm using Get-CIVM.



      $civapp = "Test"
      $civm = Get-CIVM -vApp $civapp -Name "VM1"



      I've tried using Search-Cloud but it appears I can't do anything with the object once I found it:

      No ExtensionData property:

      $civm2 = Search-Cloud -QueryType AdminVM -Filter "ContainerName==Test;Name==VM2"


      I also thought about using Get-CIView and then using RecomposeVApp but I'm not sure what to pass that to delete a VM:


      $civapp = "Test"
      $ciview = "get-ciview -ID $civApp.Id"
      $ciview.RecomposeVApp("VM2" ,deleteItem) //Not sure what to do here.



      Or does anyone know of another method to delete CIVM's from a CIvApp via the SDK perhaps? Or maybe those mystical cloud views?


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          Thanks to some anonymous employee at VMWare I have a solution. It came from an "Internal Thread" so I don't exactly know who you are...Never the less, get that man a bells.


          Here is the code I received:


          You need to pass $null to all except the deleteItem parameter. Because the overload of RecomposeVApp that you use has too many parameters, I prefer the overload RecomposeVApp_Task(RecomposeVAppParams recomposeVAppParams). The deleteitem should be an array of Reference which has the Href pointing to the VM to be deleted. Here is a sample script:

          $ciVappName = "vApp_administrator_1"

          $vmsToDeleteNames = "vm2", "vm3"

          $civApp = Get-CIVApp $ciVappName

          $vmsToDelete = Get-CIVM -VApp $civApp | ? { $vmsToDeleteNames -contains $_.Name }

          $refsToVmsToDelete = $vmsToDelete | % {

             $ref = New-Object VMware.VimAutomation.Cloud.Views.Reference

             $ref.Href = $_.Href



          $recomposeParams = New-Object VMware.VimAutomation.Cloud.Views.RecomposeVAppParams

          $recomposeParams.DeleteItem = $refsToVmsToDelete

          $task = $civApp.ExtensionData.RecomposeVApp_Task($recomposeParams)

          # Note that if you need to edit multiple vapps, you can start the tasks for all vapps

          # and wait for the tasks at the end.




          Thanks who ever you are