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    Errors running the script.

    dberr Lurker

      Good day everyone,


      Getting following errors when running the script v236:


      Use of uninitialized value $openssl_results in scalar chomp at ./vmwarevSphereSecurityHardeningReportCheck.pl line 2429.
      Use of uninitialized value $openssl_results in pattern match (m//) at ./vmwarevSphereSecurityHardeningReportCheck.pl line 2430.
      Undefined subroutine &VMwareDVSConfigInfo::healthCheckConfig called at ./vmwarevSphereSecurityHardeningReportCheck.pl line 1483
      Using latest vMA Build 724898
      vCenter 5.1 (W2k8-r2) build 880146
      ESXi 5.1 build 838463
      Running lattest script version 236 under full admin permissions.
      Already searched, but didn't find these particular errors coming up in discussions.


      Message was edited by: dberr UPD: After running through all elements one-by-one the only issue I still have is when I run it through --vmnetwork "Undefined subroutine &VMwareDVSConfigInfo::healthCheckConfig called at ./vmwarevSphereSecurityHardeningReportCheck.pl line 1483" Did anyone run into the same or similar issue?