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    Possibility of starting/scaling VMs dynamically

    hainz Lurker



      I want to scale an application dynamically based on VMware. Please tell me what of the following is possible:


      dynamic vertical scaling

      When a VM is at maximum CPU or RAM capacity for a while, it should be granted more ressources. I know about the HotPlug-Feature and a little about the limititations, however I'd like to know if it could be done automatically.


      dynamic horizontal scaling

      When a VM is at maximum CPU or RAM capacity for a while, another VM should be started automatically, either an existing one or from a template. The idea is that the application is inside of the VM and automatically starts to register itself with a predefined loadbalancer, who then starts to integrate the new instance in the existing application-cluster of VMs.


      Bonus would be, if this would work vice versa too: if the VM is underused (or the cluster) it should scale down (namingly it should take resources or shut down VMs from the cluster).


      Personally I haven't used VMware yet (hence my knowledge is limited) but my company uses vSphere Enterprise Plus and I wanted to validate if the above behaviour is possible with a vSphere feature or any other (additional?) component.


      Thank you in advance