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    vpxuser login failed

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      Part way into a vCenter 5.1 clean instal into SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard on a W2K8 R2 VM.  All gone ok with SSO but vCenter itself fails with the ODBC connection.  It was working so don't know if I've doome something.  Am I right to be using the vpxuser account for the ODBC?  I've had to bomb out part way through so will have to continue Monday - we have a powerdown this weekend. 


      vpxuser is set as db_owner as per the VM docs,   I've been through it a dozen times resetting the permissions and so on.  or should I be iusing the sqldb user?  That doesn't work either, btw.  it's been years since I did any of this with SQL Server - I'm normally a MySQL man.  I need this up and running on Monday so may have a go on my home lab over the weekend.  I can't use domain accounts for internal reasons.