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    Wyse PC Extender & View 5.1 Client

    mitchewr Lurker

      Hi all,


      We're using VMWare's VDI here at work and in the middle of deploying out to all of the company. We're currently running view client 5.1. We're also starting to test Wyse PC Extender client for legacy desktops and the view client version they have integrated is version 4.6. Does anyone know whether or not there's a newer version of the PC Extender client with the current VMWare View Client already integrated? Or, if not, then does anyone know if there's a way to update this ourself? I've been on the Wyse PC Extender forums but there's virtually nothing there. The forum might as well be shutdown as inactive as it is.


      Anyone else out there using these two products who might be able to shed some light?


      Thanks in advance!