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    Keyboard shortcut import

    Clubber Lurker

      I'm running Windows on VMWare fusion, and I would like to have a keyboard shortcut import and export.


      The keyboard shortcut maps could be shared between users. Two big ones I would use right now are:


      1. Shortcuts to have a Windows keyboard operate properly when using a Windows VM on a Mac

      2. Shortcuts to have a Windows VM recognize the Mac's keyboard shortcuts (Command + Left Arrow = End, etc/ Shift + Command + Left Arrow = Shift + End, etc)


      The import/export should be fairly simple, assuming you store the keyboard shortcuts in a standard file format. You could create some decent useful shortcut exports like #1 and 2 and post them on your site, that way a Windows guy who converted to Mac but still uses Windows under a VM can get crackin' right away.


      Thanks for your consideration.