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    Normal response times as seen in iometer

    StageCoach201110141 Enthusiast

      I'm running iometer on an RDM connected to a VM.  The RDM is part of a new storage array with nothing on it.  I want to run my VMware environment on this storage array.  What is a good number in ms that I should expect before I build the infrastructure on this array?  Currenly I'm seeing 50 ms, which is too high.  What should I expect to see in iometer before I know I'm ready to go live in this enviornment?  20ms?  10ms?   I'm using an 8K data size at 50%read, 50% sequential.


      Also, what should I expect to see on the performance software of array itself?  That value in ms doesn't include the time from the iometer application to the FA port on the storage array.  Should that value be under 10ms?  Under 5 ms?