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    Workstation 9 randomly loses second monitor

    Melgaard Novice

      When running guests and working inside a guest, I experience than certain things can trigger VMWare to suddenly drop it's second monitor and go back to single monitor, I then have to click the "Cycle Multiple Monitors" twice to get back into multi monitor mode, but this is really fustracing everything is left on that single monitor and I again have to put things out on the right monitor before I can continiue working.

      This happens both in normal and exclusive mode, I have tried to adjust monitor settings to see if I could force it to maintain 2 monitors if I explicitly instructed that it had 2 monitors.

      The monitor configuration is one vertical and one horizontal.

      I havent found a specific pattern to when it happens, sometimes it's when applications launch in elevated mode, other times it's when I start debugging from Visual Studio, and then there is the other situations where I honnestly can't remember the tasks I was doing atm. so those are the ones I refer to as random...

      Can anyone come with some ideas on what might be the issue here?...


      All other details I could think of is listed below:

      Host Details:
      Host OS: Windows 7 Enterprise, 64 bit

      Version: 9.0.2 build-1031769


      Dell Optiplex 790

      Intel Quadcore i7-2600

      AMD Radeon HD 6350

      16GB Ram
      160GB Intel X-25M for Host
      240GB Intel 330 SSD dedicated for Guests

      2 x Dell UltraSharp 2007FP (1600x1200)


      Guest Details:

      Guest OS: Windows 7 Enterprise, 64 bit

      Tools Version: 9.2.3 build-1031360

      8GB Ram / 100GB HDD

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          Melgaard Novice

          To add a note, a way of provoking this is to go to the "Home Screen"???... of the Workstation and the back to the image spanning 2 screens... This seems to be 100% reproducible this way. (Or at least close to in any case)... Not sure if that may relate to it. I suppose this is a bug at this time.

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            YaHozna Lurker

            This is disappointing as I've been suffering from this problem since version 7 when I first started using two monitors. It got even worse with version 8, to the extent that I reverted back to 7. And now it seems it's still not been resolved in version 9. Doubly disappointing now that I'm thinking of upgrading to that version. I don't think I'll bother.