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    2.6 appliance "loses" its static IP address randomly

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      I had mentioned an issue that I've run into at the end of an unrelated question a few weeks ago but I think it's appropriate to make a new discussion about it.  I thought that this problem had disappeared (or I was mis-reading what I was seeing) so I didn't follow up, but my QA guys ran into it again so apparently it hasn't.  The simple description of the problem is that VMs that have been configured at installation with static IP addresses are periodically reverting to DHCP addresses without any apparently change in configuration.  On first boot I'm running "/opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_ovf_process --setnetwork" and that seems to configure the IP on the primary interface just fine.  But after runnng for a few days the appliances will suddenly (literally, I've had this happen when I was actually SSHed into them and tailing logs) change IP to something in the subnet's DHCP scope.  When this happens, if I log into VAMI on its new IP and look at the network tab, this is what I see:



      Note that is NOT the configured static IP and IS in our DHCP scope (and I see a proper lease for it in the DHCP server).  The contents of the /etc/network/interfaces file (this is an Ubuntu 10.04 appliance) is:



      auto lo
      iface lo inet loopback
      auto eth0
      iface eth0 inet static



      If I reboot the appliance it comes back up immediately on the static IP  What the heck might VAMI be doing that would cause this?  It's definitely saying that the IP is not managed by VAMI but I don't know of any other services on the appliance that would override, on the fly, the static configuration of eth0.  This is a total show-stopper for us (assuming at least some of our customers will have DHCP set up where they probably shouldn't or will be installing these as POCs in a lab with DHCP) and we have customers clamoring for these appliances in the very near future.  Anyone have any ideas what I should be checking?  Nothing I've looked at in any logs that I can find show what might be doing it.  Thanks everyone!

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          I doubt VAMI is causing this.

          Take a look in the vami logs under /opt/vmware/var/log/vami in addition to the usual /var/log


          Also review your udev rules for anything out of the ordinary.

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            looks like its a known issue and fixed in 2.5 vami_ovf_process.py.



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              I don't think this is the issue, since these appliances were all build on 2.6.  I did a quick diff of this versus what's running on the appliances and other than a couple of changes in variable names they look pretty much the same.  I'm kind of stumped on this, and I'm not sure my QA people are going to give the sign-off to deploy these things to customers if this keeps happening.  I can't see how this isn't something VMware-related.  I've managed Linux installs since Slackware beta days and I've NEVER seen a system that is configured for a static IP just suddenly start broadcasting for a DHCP lease.  And this certainly doesn't seem to be a problem with our manually-built appliances using the same version of the OS and our code.  I don't see anything untoward in the VAMI logs, but it does seem that there is a regular scheduled VAMI daemon of some kind that's running all the time.  What exactly is that process doing?  And what exactly does "managed by VAMI" mean in the network tab of the management web interface?  It always says no, even though the IP has been configured on boot by the vami network script, which seems odd to me.