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    Revert to Snapshot improvements

    The Don Novice

      Current situation:

      Whenever you have to revert a CVD to a snapshot the machine needs to have a decent Internet connection in order to receive the Snapshot data streamed since they don't reside on the endpoint anymore.

      Feature request:

      1. Keep at least the latest snapshot "live" on the endpoint. Like that, in case of a problem, the only thing that needs to be received by the endpoint from the management server is just the "signalization" that it needs to revert. This will significantly reduce the recovery time for the user.
      2. Add a "Self Recovery" option for the users, so that they can revert the machine back to a previous state by themselfs. Doing so, in case of real emergencies (given that the machine still runs of course...), there's no need to have an internet connection and / or connection to the Mirage Server.


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