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    VMware View: Adding a linked clone pool

    larstr Virtuoso


      I'm trying to add a linked clone pool by using the following command:

      Add-AutomaticLinkedClonePool -pool_id  POOL01 -displayName  "Pool Test" -powerPolicy  RemainOn -vc_id  90eb4bc2-962d-46cd-9458-b8372b59d24c -parentVMPath "/FOLDER01/vm/Parent01" -parentSnapshotPath "/Base image/AB01"  -datastoreSpecs "[Conservative,OS,data]/FOLDER01/host/FOLDER01/VDI_ABC_Dsk_NFS;[Conservative,replica]/FOLDER01/host/FOLDER01/VDI_ABCD_Rep_NFS" -composer_ad_id 0133718e-82a6-480e-8175-7427653f99ad -postSyncScript "C:\Script\Custom.cmd" -organizationalUnit "OU=VDI,OU=ABC,OU=ABCD" -minprovisioneddesktops 0 -SuspendProvisioningOnError $true -deletePolicy DeleteOnUse -headroomCount  15 -maximumCount 15 -minimumCount 15 -resourcePoolPath "/FOLDERDCP01/host/FOLDER01/Resources" -vmFolderPath "/FOLDER01/vm/ABC02T" -namePrefix "ABCVDI01T{n:fixed=3}" -persistence  NonPersistent -autoLogoffTime 240 -defaultProtocol PCOIP -allowProtocolOverride  $false -flashQuality "LOW" -flashThrottling DISABLED -NetworkLabelConfigFile "C:/Users/abcde/Documents/ps/networklabel.txt" -dataDiskLetter "Z" -dataDiskSize 4096

      This is not working very well as I'm getting the following error message:

      Add-AutomaticLinkedClonePool : PowershellService::AddAutomaticLinkedClonePool FAILED, error=dataDiskLetter cannot be specified when user data disks are disabled.

      If I however to not specify the parameters dataDiskLetter and dataDiskSize the pool is created fine and I'm able to manually set these settings on the pool.


      I'm also unable to locate any parameters where I'm disabling user data disks as the error message states.


      Any ideas on how to solve this?


      Horizon View 5.2.