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    It's time to enhance the 'Cycle Multiple Monitor' feature

    TBruser Lurker

      I have to click 'Cycle Multiple Monitors' 32 times when I start up my virtual machines in order to make them utilize all 6 of my displays.  This button was designed as a 'toggle' and is not a 'best practice'.  A toggle should never be used to this extent.  This should be represented as a drop-down menu, even if only to have ambiguous labels like 'Mode 1', 'Mode 2', 'Mode 3', etc.  It wouldn't take much to make the button still work as a toggle for those with 2 displays who might find the toggle to still be useful.  Three and a half minute of clicking a button to get my video mode correct adds up when having to do this several times a day.  This is a huge loss in productive time.  I simply will not buy any VMWare licenses until this is addressed, even if it means that I have to keep using a discontinued Parallels Workstation.


      I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but your customers have been asking for this trivial fix since 2008.  This is the one and only feature (or lack thereof) that has been a deal breaker and the reason I spent my money with Parallels previously.  Now that they've discontinued the product, I have a hard choice between 'lose 2 hours a week', or 'risk my Parallels product not working one day because of a Windows update and not having support'.


      My question to VMWare:


      When will this be addressed - please be specific about a timeframe.  It's a trivial feature to implement.

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          TBruser Lurker

          So far, I've exhausted all options available to me to get this question answered.  I've gone through phone-based support until they've sent me full-circle back to where I've started.  I've made my request via the web support form exactly as directed by someone in 'VMWare Workstation Pre-Sales' only to get my request rejected because they apparently don't answer 'technical' questions there.


          Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to get this feature request at least noticed and considered by those who would be responsible about making this decision?  I need a new product for the longetivity of my business and VMWare Workstation is the closest thign to it since Parallels is pretty much out of the 'Windows OS workstation as a host' business.