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    RDM greyed out with P2000G3 Sas

    sc_2111@vmtn Hot Shot

      Hi all ,

      we have a configuration with 3 esxi5.1 hosts directly connected to an HP P2000G3 sas with 2 controllers .

      I got the RDM option greyed out while trying to add two LUN to a VM .

      I found the following notes in a vmware KB



      • You are using a SAS Direct Attached Storage (DAS) array that is being detected as Local Storage. For more information, see Creating Raw Device Mapping (RDM) is not supported for local storage (1017530).

      • The option RdmFilter.HbaShared is selected in ESX/ESXi 4.1 or 5.x. To deselect this option, click Configuration > Software > Advanced Settings > RDM Filter, deselect the option, then click OK. For more information, see Configuring advanced options for ESX/ESXi (1038578).

      • You are using an external shared SAS storage array like the Dell MD32xx. This requires that the checkbox RdmFilter.HbaShared is deselected in order to use a LUN as RDM. This is expected behavior because the RDM filter only applies to Fiber Channel, FCoE and iSCSI.



      This seems to be our case .


      I just wonder if anyone knows if P2000 G3 sas ( directly attach ) falls in this issue and if it's safe and supported to clear the RDM filter in this configuration