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        Devl42 Lurker

        Anyone have instructions on setting up the SVN permissions in this environment? I'm finding bit and pieces for Apache, but nothing on how to get svn working remotely through lighttpd.


        I've gotten as far as creating a new archive and accessing it remotely using TortoiseSVN, but I can't write to the archive (validation error).


        I think it has something to do with setting some files' user:group to something specific, buy beyond that, I'm stuck.



        • 16. Re: vmTrac
          barnaclewes Novice

          Hey, YellowDog, I'd love to compare your TracVM to vmTrac; I'm going to deploy a trac server this week.  One tiny problem though: your forgot to post a download link in your description!  This makes the barrier to entry a little high...

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