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    Auto Deploy Stateless caching.

    Sarek Hot Shot

      I have auto deploy working now in stateless mode. I would like to change this to Stateless caching mode.


      In the web client i changed the "System Image Cache Config" into Eable Stateless caching on this host. As Arguments for disk the default is used "esx,local" and check to overwrite in left in default (no check).


      Now i have 5 5GB disk on my SAN, i changed the boot order from the server (first CD, then Network and last FC/Storage boot).


      As test i shutdown vCenter appliance to see if my server was booting from disk, result ..... nope. It does not seem to write anything to the SAN disk (LUN ID 0, so it is the first disk presented to the server).


      Anyone got any idea, do i have to add something to the disk argument in the host profile to let it know its a SAN disk ????