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          myeager Novice

          You may direct any questions or comments about this VM Appliance also to me, Matt Yeager, at matthew.yeager@gmail.com


          Hope you all like it, I sure do. It's nice having a reliable fax server running in the background on a computer with cheap modems.

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            felipel Lurker

            elementary application ! my dear watson...why couldnt i just instll hlafax with other apps oln the same server. what are the benefits of virtualisation here...

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              myeager Novice

              The benefit of virtualization here is that you can use a cheap, Windows software based modem that many computers come with. One of the main headaches with Linux based fax servers is getting modems that will work with Linux itself.  To get a Windows Software based modem, such as a Conexant chipset modem, you typically would have to purchase a third party driver or buy an old jumpered modem, most of which are ISA. By using virtualization, you simply have to have your windows modems installed, then have VMware map the comm ports over to Linux. Linux will be able to talk to the modems just as if they were external modems simply on a comm port. THAT is where the advantage is. The ability also for this to run in the background on a server doing other things is an added benefit.

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                andymartin Lurker

                This solves many problems for me. It keeps my small business from needing to buy expensive modems for linux.  I will be setting this up ASAP in my office.  I have been looking for something like this for MONTHS!  Thanks myeager!

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                  myeager Novice

                  Glad to hear it will help you out in your office. I'm still working on some additional features to tie in with HylaFax such as a web based report and fax viewing system. I also plan to have it tie in with MySQL for better logging.

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                    dmspink Lurker

                    Great appliance, wish it was a bit smaller but there you go never satisfied. Good idea and works well. Just one point in the install instructions:


                    "2) Before you first start the Virtual Machine, Add the Serial Port to the VM that corresponds to the Comm Port of your Modem. You can find this by viewing the properties on the modem itself in your Host Operating System."


                    You don't mention how to map the VM serial port to that of the Modem. I quick found the solution but others might not.


                    Edit the file Ubuntu.vmx in a text editor and change line


                    serial0.filename = "COM3"


                    to the COM port of your modem.



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                      myeager Novice

                      Thanks for the advice. I hope to keep this VM going and make revisions, including adding a Web interface as I mentioned earlier on this thread.  I actually added the Comm Port(s) to the VM using the VMware Console application with VMware workstation. I imagine the same can be done with VMware Server, or like you said through the file. I'll work on revising some of the setup steps if VMware will let me.

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                        virtual-og Lurker

                        Thanks for making this!!!!!

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                          myeager Novice

                          Thanks for the compliment. Are you using it? As I said in a previous post, this is something I hope to keep adding features to and make it a very feature filled, all-in-one appliance.

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                            myeager Novice

                            To anyone interested, I have started http://www.ubuntufax.com to continue the development of the UbuntuFax project.

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                              BadrulNazar Lurker

                              Hi Matt Yeager!!


                              Thanks for UbuntuFax.

                              Previously, i could never set up hylafax (linux) despite trying zillions of time.

                              Ubuntufax and VMware Virtual Appliance are truely a marvel of modern age. People who make a living by setting up complex linux servers in big companies should really getting worried by now.


                              One question, in "Winprint HylaFAX", I use "root" and "ubuntu" as username/ password. Is this ok /safe??


                              Thanks again..



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                                myeager Novice

                                Thanks for the compliments. I actually started with HylaFax when I had to setup a fax server in my office. I ended up doing some extra perl scripts to actually syncronize a backup faxserver to the primary one in case it happened to go down. So, I'm planning to greatly improve UbuntuFax in the future.


                                As for Winprint HylaFax, I think it depends on the usage as for if you should login as root. Personally, in my home I have it connecting as root. Honestly until you setup some security in HylaFax though, the passwords aren't really even used I believe. I would have to double check, but I think you should be able to specify simply the user by default. That user would just need to have access to use hylafax. There is a command line utility called faxadduser I believe that will add a user to be able to send faxes if you want people to user individual usernames.

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                                  elconomeno Lurker

                                  where can i find a feature list.

                                  I'm searching for a linux server with a Printer Emulator.

                                  so the users can print from a windows machine to a fax...

                                  is that possible with ubuntufax ?

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                                    myeager Novice

                                    UbuntuFax doesn't have the print to fax feature directly yet. There is a software package called "SMBFax" or "SambaFax" that can go on top of HylaFax fax server in linux. UbuntuFax is utilizing some other software to accomplish the Print to fax ability for now. Once UbuntuFax boots up, it will show up on a Windows Network as
                                    UbuntuFax and under
                                    UbuntuFax\clients you will find the installer for WinPrintHylaFax. It is a very good, free, Windows client. They have setup instructions on http://winprinthylafax.sourceforge.net . I hope to further develop UbuntuFax to include some features such as this as well as provide a web based interface to upload files to fax, etc. I have setup a website for the project at http://www.ubuntufax.com

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