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    ESVA 1.0

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      Email Security Virtual Appliance

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          andy.mac Hot Shot

          I'd be quite keen to get feedback on the version 1.0 release - including the instructions, so don't be shy...

          (has anyone downloaded it?!?!)


          -Also, don't forget to check the online version of the readme for the latest information


          PS- If you are having trouble with the torrent, you can download from:






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            benshead Lurker



            I've downloaded it and have it up and running. Looks impressive. It certainly takes a lot of the work out of setting up a gateway filter.


            Thanks for your work!


            The readme is easy to follow and works fine. More information about customization would be wonderful!

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              andy.mac Hot Shot


              I'll keep the customisation thing in mind.

              Because it's based on the excellent MailScanner engine, there is plenty of information on the web surrounding customisation, but I have some ideas as tto how people might want to customise this distribution to put their organisations stamp on it, such as the scanned message signatures, as well as tuning the sensitivity of the product to catch more spam without false positives, and hints on what to do with high scoring messages rather than just forward them on - such as quarantine or binning them automatically.


              -What I'd like to develop here is a real wish list for the next release (it's virtually done, but not really much different from the first - mostly just smaller)....


              Thanks again,



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                benshead Lurker

                I agree with your wishlist ideas and have a few to add. It seems that ESVA really has the ability to make something that is complicated and/or costly (setting up an effective mail gateway) achievable for anyone or any group. I work in a school, where no one has the time or expertise to set up Mailscanner from scratch, but we have a very strong need for decent email filtering. The more that ESVA can do out of the box to help the average person configure and extend it, the better.


                Some other ideas that might help others:

                -Integration of MailWatch for filter monitoring and quarantine management

                -Built-in use of sa-learn or similar for improving Bayesian filtering. This article suggests an interesting way to that in Exchange: http://wiki.mailscanner.info/doku.php?id=documentation:anti_spam:spamassassin:sa-learn:msexchange&s=exchange

                -Other Exchange/ Active Directory integration such as configuring postfix to reject unknown users...

                -Simplified, centralized, management panel.


                Thanks for your work on this project. It really looks good!


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                  andy.mac Hot Shot

                  Thanks again Ben,

                  The next release will be in the next few weeks (I'd like it to be sooner, but time pressures in my day job dictate otherwise...)

                  Features definately included in the next release will include:

                  \- SSL implemented on the web interface

                  \- Further stripped down O/S (yet still functional)

                  \- Smaller download size (if you can call that a feature)

                  \- Better documentation & customisation guide (that's the bit I hate, but unfortunately the bit that users need...)

                  \- Optional rejection of unknown exchange recipients (thanks Ben)

                  \- Updated software load (new kernel & VM tools)

                  \- More effective spam filtering


                  Things that I'd like to include in future releases:

                  \- The forthcoming stable release of MailScanner (looks good, but I'm not keen on shipping beta/RC code...)

                  \- A fetchmail option for those on dialup (ughh!...) or using POP/IMAP accounts

                  \- A central console for management and reporting (Again, Thanks Ben)


                  Anything else?


                  When the new 1.1 release is available I will announce here and on global-domination.org



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                    andy.mac Hot Shot

                    OK - Still haven't built the next release - I'm not going to put a time on it now, but if you are interested put a watch on this thread and I'll update when it's done. Ideally I'd like to wait till the next release of MailScanner is ready, but there are some other pressing reasons to build now, such as an updated kernel and new VM tools with the GA release of VMware Server (as well as other updated binaries and enhancements listed earlier)



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                      andy.mac Hot Shot

                      The next release is available now from http://www.global-domination.org/ESVA/15


                      This has a number of enhancements as well as updated versions of the software included in version 1.0

                      See http://www.global-domination.org/ESVA/15/readme.txt for more details.


                      I will put a copy of the 1.5.1 release into the appliances directory, but please be aware that it won't be visible for a few days while it's vetted by the directory people...



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                        forward1 Novice

                        Great appliance!


                        I was looking for a AntiVirus/AntiSpam gateway for sometime for our SBS 2003 and I think I found what I was looking for.


                        I've tried a few other appliances BUT this one is my winner.


                        What I like about is

                        - it's minimal

                        - all OpenSource

                        - easy to modify/configure with Webmin



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                          andy.mac Hot Shot



                          The new forum for ESVA 1.5.1 is at http://www.vmware.com/community/thread.jspa?threadID=53849



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                            cancee Novice

                            Dear Sir,


                            Your Post is very nice and i am trying to some changes according to my system like i need to run this on my physical hard disk on 250 gb and i need to make this a real high performance server but to do this i am facing so many problems is it possible that you submit a complete post that how you will install this and configure it in VM and how to we install in physical disk while we use VM ?


                            To Do this you can use Camtasia Studio is a number 1 you will make your complete movie file and save in his own extension so it will be easy for all .


                            waiting for your early reply,


                            Sincere Regards,



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                              rckit2001 Novice


                              This thing is dead... I mean WAAAAAAY dead.



                              It was exceptional when it was alive - but that horse left the barn about a year ago. Look elsewhere - unfortunately.



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                                andy.mac Hot Shot


                                ESVA is by no means dead - Version 2.0 was released about 3 weeks ago and the response has been very good:






                                v2 is available in zip or OVF format.



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                                  !Real Lurker

                                  Andy no longer maintains ESVA, but  there is a community that has stepped up and is continuing to support  ESVA, they can be found here: