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    esxi 5.1 dell openmanage / lockdown mode

    jimbob201110141 Lurker

      This is probably a really basic question, but I am new to this aspect of esxi, and cannot seem to find an answer.


      I am setting up a server (poweredge r515) running esxi 5.1 (free license).  I access it using the vsphere client, and do not have vcenter. 


      To configure the hardware (e.g., set up raid), I installed "dell openmanage offline bundle and vib for esxi" on the esxi host.  I use dell openmanage server administrator managed node to connect.


      Initially, this all works great.  However, after some time (maybe a day), I see a message (attached) that openmanage login has failed because "Lockdown mode is enabled in the managed node."  I have never changed the Lockdown mode settings and they are disabled on the esxi web ui.  Also, in vsphere client, under Configuration > Security Profile no options appear concerning Lockdown mode.


      If I reboot, I am once again able to connect with openmanage, but get the same login error after a day or so.


      I must be missing something basic here.  Any ideas?  Thanks much!