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    Having the ability to edit "VM Folder" in View Console

    jeffaustin Novice

      Within the View Console > Edit settings of a pool > vCenter Settings tab > VM folder within Virtual Machine Settings - cannot be edited.

      If for any purpose the parent location is moved logically within vSphere's "VM and Templates", you cannot update View Console to reflect this.

      I am told by VMware technical support -

      "Explained to customer that it is not possible due to the VMs having a specified moid that is assigned and that is how the pool accesses the VM".

      I would like to request this feature being added. Within a rapidly growing and dynamically changing environment, there is sometimes the need/desire to cleanup or move parent's logical location within vSphere "VM and Templates" and to retain alignment (and potential issues) I think it makes sense to have the ability to edit the "VM Folder" within View Console's parent location settings.