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    vCenter 4.1 Thin to thick disk no alert

    mrellstab Lurker

      Hi Everyone,


      So I decided to expand a 2TB thin disk to thick via the datastore browser on vCenter 4.1. 5 minutes after doing so, I realized this task was going to take roughly 1 day or more to complete, the opposite of a thick to thin. No biggy I thought, I'll just cancel the task and revert back to my thin disk. WRONG!


      cancelable = false,


      Now I find myself looking down the barrel of nearly 12+ hours of down time on a production server. Is there a way we could actually add a warning for this process? Just to let people know that:


      A. This task in some instances may take forever depending on disk size

      B. This task cannot be canceled once submitted


      I feel sick in the stomach at the moment knowing that this highly critical VM is now going to be out of action until this finishes.