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    system logs on non-persistent storage

    billdossett Enthusiast

      after a big morning upgrading one of our datacenters, I have only one problem left, not serious, but as I've been trying various things and not getting anywhere with it, I'm asking for help.


      I upgraded 5 hosts in all to 5.1.  Two hosts were esx4 and 3 were esxi5.  All upgraded, but the two esx4 hosts are now saying that the sttem logs are stored on non-persistent storage.  I'm sure this has to do with the changes from esx to esxi, but I have now configured the syslog parameter and the message, about non-persistent storeage erm.... persists. 


      I looked at my esxi5 to 5.1 upgraded hosts and their syslog points to [] /scratch   so I configured my esx4 to 5.1 global syslog to the same.  These hosts have local storage, I'm not doing any sort of flash drive booting or anything unusual, just standard boot.  I have rebooted after changing the syslog location though I don't think it is necessary, just trying to cover all bases.  I will probably install the syslogger on the vcenter and use remote logging for convenience of having all log files in the same place eventually, but I want to get rid of the little yellow triangle!


      Thanks for any help at all.