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    VSA Cluster - How do I perform an automatic graceful shutdown during a power outage

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      Thank you in advance for any help.
      I am currently running VMware Essentials Plus 5.1 with vSphere Storage Appliance I have my VSA Cluster up and running in a 2 node cluster, and Vcenter running on a seperate physical box. I have 3 Dell UPS's that all have Network Management Cards in them. From the VSA 5.1 documentation it states, to shutdown the VSA Cluster:
      1. Power Off Production VM's.
      2. Enter VSA Cluster Maintenance Mode.
      3. Shutdown Hosts.
      I am looking for a way to automate this, so when a power outage occurs it sends a command to perform those steps.
      Can someone point me in the right direction on how I can accomplish this, or can I simply tell the dell multiups software to shutdown any vm's with vmware tools running then shutdown the hosts without putting the VSA in maintenance mode? I think using the Dell MultiUPS software this will shutdown the VSA VM's as well as they run vmware tools and I dont think we want that?