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    [HELP] The error message from Get-Monitor command-let

    Samuel_gu Lurker

      I am using the powershell command-let to collect the view environment information, such as, Get-connectionBroker, Get-ViewVC, Get-Pool... they are running as normal,

      but when i type the comand "Get-Monitor", it shhows me that


      Get-Monitor : PowershellService::GetMonitor FAILED, error=
      At line:1 char:12
      + Get-Monitor <<<<
          + CategoryInfo          : InvalidResult: (vmware.view.pow...lets.GetMonito
         r:GetMonitor) [Get-Monitor], Exception
          + FullyQualifiedErrorId : PowershellService::GetMonitor FAILED,vmware.view

      Get-monitor error.png

      Can anyone help? Do you encounter the similar problem? How to fix?