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    Duplicate folders being created on the datastore with host caching enabled

    nzorn Hot Shot

      Upgraded to the following this weekend:
      View Connection Server 5.1.2-928164
      View Composer 3.0.0-691993
      vCenter 5.1.0b-947939
      ESXi 5.1.0a-838463


      After the upgrade I installed the latest VM tools, View Agent 5.1.2-928164, and the Teradici audio driver on my snapshot.  I have not upgraded the machine hardware version.


      I enabled host caching on my pool, and the pool is set to refresh immediately on logoff.  When I shutdown or logoff of the View session I see an error in vCenter like this one:


      Reconfigure virtual machine VMPool-3 Cannot complete the operation because the file or folder [VM_POOL_LUN-12] VMPool-3/VMPool-3-check-point.vmdk already exists


      Then it creates a new folder with an _1 on the datastore because of this:
      VMPool-3 (original)
      VMPool-3_1 (duplicate)


      Once I turn off host caching the problem does not occur.


      Has anyone seen this issue?  I currently have a ticket opened with VMware.