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    help with the vms IPs

    mafiasx Lurker

      I have install an esxi and is talking like direct to the internet.

      I have 5 vms. I have setup the 4 first vms with manually add the static ip (public ip) ,the subnet, the dns, and the getaway.

      But I can’t setup the last vm because they have give me only 4 IPs.

      The problem here is that the 4 vms is:

      1) ESXI ip

      2) Mail server

      3) Vpn server

      4) ftp-data and temp desktop


      The 5) is windows 7 desktop pc


      I know that the mail,vpn,ftp-rds  vms need a dedicated ip for 443 port

      I think the esxi need an ip as well

      And I don’t know how to put the windows7 machine to the internet (for remote desktop)

      Any help???

      Thank I am little new to this as is the first time to setup an esxi directly to the internet without local network.