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    Issue with Xen conversion

    alekp Novice

      Hey all,


      Wondering if anyone has experience with the following


      I have a windows guest in a Xen platform i am trying to bring over into VMWare


      The converter (Version 5.1) is connecting to it fine and detecting the disks, allows me to select everything and starts the conversion


      Then it sits there at 1% forever.


      No firewalls at all (completely disabled them) it never times out.


      Confirmed DNS is ok - but i did a hosts file line as well to ensure it doesnt have the issue.


      I dont really get any errors in the logs. It says it took a VSS snapshot ok, then "starting to clone from VSS snapshoit"


      Then nothing


      Guest is 2008 R2 it is not a domain controller


      Anyone done this before?