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    Doed Horizon mobile need a hypervisor?

    Jonghun Lurker

      Dear VMware engineering team,


      I am a post-doc researcher investigating potentials of mobile virtualization solutions.

      One of my current goals is to ensure that OS-level virtualization, instead of system-level

      virtualization, is a viable soultion considering the current technological maturity of

      embedded HW and SW virtualization.


      From many sources available on the Internet, I found that MVP (released in two or three years ago)

      is based on system-level virtualization that needs a hypervisor to run multiple instances of

      entire computing environments from a guest OS to Android framework and applications.


      However, I could not find any information about its successor, VMware horizon mobile's underlying

      mechanism. I strongly conjecture that it employs OS-level virtualization such as Linux container and

      BSD jails because it supports only the same type of OSes (Andoird on Android, iOS on iOS.)


      Could you please tell me any brief hints about how the VMware horizon works internally?

      I.e., does it use a hypervisor to run multiple instances of whole Linux/Andoird? Or does it

      runs on a single OS kernel and executes multiple instances of Android stacks?


      Best regard,

      Jonghun Yoo.