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    VSphere Client Plugin Development Issue

    MQVMW Novice

      I need to create a new plugin to communicate to external api through Vshere Client. I tried out with the sample project provided with documentation

      which talks with Google service using gson2.0.jar. This worked fine. However, when i tried to call VClientCloud.class using vcloud-java-sdk-1.5.0.jar, i am getting NoClassDefFoundError initially. To resolve this issue, i created OSGI bundle for vcloud-java-sdk-1.5.0.jar and then made an entry for

      com.vmware.vcloud.sdk package which contains the VClientCloud class into project's MANIFEST.mf file. With this, i am getting

      An Import-Package could not be resolved. Caused by missing constraint in bundle <com.vmware.vimcommonsserver_1.0.0>

      constraint: <Import-Package: com.vmware.vcloud.sdk; version="[1.0.0]">.

      It seems this is problem with bundled jar.