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    Problem running Virgo Runtime server

    noye Novice


      I'm using STS version 3.1.0.RELEASE.

      Following the documented tutorial and videos for setting up the environment for vSphere web client plugin development, I managed to set up everything and successfully deployed the 'hello world' sample.

      However, at some point later I restarted the IDE and could not completely run the virgo server.

      The virgo runtime stays at [starting, Synchronized] state for a few minutes after the console prints this:


      [2013-02-13 19:47:47.377] [INFO ]  TCP Connection(2)-  <DE0001I> Installed bundle 'com.vmware.vsm.vsmui' version '5.1.0'.
      [2013-02-13 19:47:47.395] [INFO ]  TCP Connection(2)-  <DE0004I> Starting bundle 'com.vmware.vsm.vsmui' version '5.1.0'.
      [2013-02-13 19:47:47.398] [INFO ] start-signalling-1            <WE0000I> Starting web bundle 'com.vmware.vsm.vsmui' version '5.1.0' with context path '/vsm-ui'.
      [2013-02-13 19:47:47.763] [INFO ] start-signalling-1            <WE0001I> Started web bundle 'com.vmware.vsm.vsmui' version '5.1.0' with context path '/vsm-ui'.
      [2013-02-13 19:47:47.764] [INFO ] start-signalling-1            <DE0005I> Started bundle 'com.vmware.vsm.vsmui' version '5.1.0'.


      And then, I get this popup, saying "Server Virgo Runtime was unable to start within 300 seconds. If the server requires more time, try increasing the timeout in the server editor."

      virgo server.jpg

      I can connect to the VC from the localhost, which as I understand means the virgo server is in fact started, but no longer see the deployed samples.


      I tried changing the timeout setting, fresh installation of all IDE components - STS, FlashBuilder etc.

      Tried trivial stuff like restarting my PC.


      Has anyone else encountered the same problem?

      Any idea how to solve this?


      Attaching the viergo-server log and the vsphere_client_virgo log, please let me know if any other information is required.


      Thanks in advance,