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    Trying to recover server

    Shawn74 Lurker

      I have VMware Infrasructure Web Access that I'm working off of.


      I had two servers setup and I deleted the one that I didn't need.  After deleting the one I didn't need, I tried starting up the other one and it stopped working.  I now get an error message that says the following:


      "Power On Virtual Machine" failed to complete..... VMware Server cannot find the virtual disk ".......VMDK".  Please verify the path is valid and try again.  Cannot open the disk "......vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.  Reason: The system anot find the file specified.


      I took a look inside the folder and found that the vmdk file is missing.  The only vdmk file I see is a 11,991,040 kb  vdmk tmp file.  How can I get this to work again?

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          Welcome to the Community,


          this unfortunately sounds as if you used the same .vmdk file for both VMs!? In this case your only option is to restore from backup.

          Anyway, please compress/zip the VM's .vmx file and all the vmware*.log files and attach them to a reply post. In addition to this post a list of files you see in the VM's folder (with sizes and time stamps).