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    Taskbar buttons Workstation 9

    DrBen Lurker

      The Windows taskbar buttons for Workstation 9 is odd and can cause accidental shutdown, suspend and restart operations. The icon is a plain sheet, and when hovered, enlarges to a compound button for each machine.


      Functionally this fails as the compound button for each machine has sub-buttons for power off, suspend and reset, slap bang in the middle of the main task button!


      We upgraded to Workstation 9.0.1 this week for two operators and already we have had two occasions of accidentally hitting the suspend button mid-test by each of the operators - when simply looking to maximse that particular window.


      Has anyone had this problem?

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          Nimral201110141 Lurker

          Emphasize this. While I - as a programmer - really appreciate the VMWare programmer's skills so they managed to fiddle buttons into toolbar icons I consider this an extremely silly idea. There is absolutely no benefit from this gimmick, the usual method to use the context (right mouse button) menu is sufficent, safe and self explainig. The way the buttons are now they are kind of a time wasting UI trap, and AFAIK there isn't a way to make them ask for confirmation either. Note: not everything what can technically be done shoud be done.