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    Feature Request:  Snapshots should indicate "age"

    kurthill Novice



      The snapshot screens are a bit less than useful regarding the "You are Here" link:


      --> Snapshot1 --> You are here


      Because it gives me no information about how old the "you are here" point is.  Have I booted the machine 20 times since the snapshot was taken?  Am I in the middle of something important and if I revert to "Snapshot1" will lose it?  If it looked more like this:


      --> Snapshot1 -- 12 boots --> You are here (Last boot: 12/17/1903)


      I would have a great deal of information that would be helpful.  I work with dozens of VM's, and have many dozens of clones, linked clones and to make it even better, copies of VM's on my laptop and my desktop.  Which was the one I used last?  I am constantly checking file date/time stamps of the vmware files to see when the last boot was, but this is only approximate as it may just be the date it was copied...


      Anyway, additional info on the "You are Here" position would be great!


      Thanks for your consideration,