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    Is it possible to diable / bypass the Intel VT-x check in Workstation v9.x?

    rulmer Novice

      Hello all,


      I have commented in a related question, but wanted to start a new question as well. Please forgive the duplication.


      I have an Intel box that DOES support Intel VT-x, but it is disabled and the abilitiy to change it is not exposed in the BIOS.


      Workstation Capture.JPG


      I am looking for a vmx file switch / parameter that will allow me to run Win 7 64-bit guest OS.


      I have contacted the manufacturer to see if there are any plans to update the BIOS to expose this or patches to enable it as I am running the most current BIOS available.


      If anyone has ideas or suggestions, I'd appreciate your input.


      Thank you.