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    vmdk file showing 0MB

    danish4pk Lurker

      I am unable to start my VM machine due to below error message


      "Reason: 19 (No such device).
      Cannot open the disk '/vmfs/volumes/4fc925da-08b6f598-348b-002564fd3fa1/ITS-Treasury/ITS-Treasury.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on."


      In VM settings HDD is showing as 0MB, while it was 60GB before. If I am browsing data store I can see as below. This looks to me that vmdk file is 0MB but a file "----rdm.vmdk" is in its orignal size.



      Dose anybody know how to start this VM. or we can recover vmdk from rdm.vmdk file.

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          a.p. Guru
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          The small .vmdk file is just a descriptor file which points to the -rdm.vmdk. The -rdm.vmdk file itself is a mapping file for a raw device map (RDM), i.e. a LUN on a storage system. I'm a little bit confused about the 60GB you mentioned, because the size of the mapping file shows the RDM as a 250GB LUN!?

          What happened prior to the issue? Did you remove/unpresent the LUN on the storage?

          Please compress/zip the .vmx, .vmdk (descriptor) as well as the vmware*.log files and attach the .zip file to your next reply post to see whether this helps understanding what causes the issue.