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    Oracle RAC on vSphere4.1 - Performance Problem

    KrishK Novice

      Dear Mates,


      We are seeing performance issues for the Oracle RAC VM's. Oracle Support say that queries are waiting for IO. Below is the environment.


      2 node (VM) Oracle RAC setup.

      1 VM in each ESXi server.

      No other VM's sharing the physical server as of now but planned for other DB VM's.

      Guest OS is RHEL 5.5

      CPU and Memory utilization is less than 25% utilized, each VM has got 16GB RAM and 4vCPU's.

      Each VM has got 10 RAW LUN's apart from OS in a datastore.


      ESXi - 4.1 Update 2

      Storage - HP EVA

      Physical Server - HP Blade BL 460c G7

      San connectivity VC Flex - 4*8 GB FC link with speed set as 4GB to match storage controller speed.


      Attached are the performance report from vCenter server for respective VM's.


      Do you see any abnormalities in values from the report, any help on this case is highly appreciated.

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