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    kernel module build makefiles use the variable "VERSION", causing conflicts

    drboer Lurker

      Dear all, while upgrading vmplayer, I just had a one day struggle trying to get the kernel modules compiled of vmplayer v. 5.0.1 build 894247 (same problem on older versions as well). It turns out that the Makefiles in the temporary directories created to build the kernel modules when running vmplayer first time after installation use a VERSION variable to determine whether the modules are available already or if they need to be compiled (although I don't really see why this 'if' statement is there anyway, it doesn't make sense to issue a 'make auto-build' if the auto-build target can't be reached). On my Debian system, the VERSION variable was set by some other program (not sure which one yet, but am looking into it, the value assigned was, which prevented building the vm modules


      Basically, using a VERSION variable is asking for trouble, I suggest that this be changed to VM-VERSION or VMPLAYER-VERSION or something like that.


      The workaround was to unset VERSION before starting vmplayer as root, modules were built in notime.



      Roeland Boer.