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    On-Line Training

    JDLangdon Master

      Has anyone completed a VMware on-line training session?  I was registered for the Optomize and Scale course locally but due to lack of interest it has since been cancelled.  My only option now is the on-line version but I have no experience with this at all.



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          Chris Wahl Master

          I've done a few VMware courses online, both by VMware directly and partners. My only beef with a VMware course is the use of LockLizard for the training materials, which is type of DRM software. This requires registering a PC to open the docs in a very limited fashion. I hated it.


          The actual class, however, was OK.

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            scott28tt Champion
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            I've delivered quite a few courses online when I worked for a VATC partner, using similar processes/tools to those that VMware use for their "live onlne" deliveries. We still shipped the paper training materials out to folks.


            Webex is the main interface for audio, chat/Q&A, viewing the presentations and watching demos done by the instructor. You access the same labs remotely as you would do if you were in a classroom, and if/when you need to work in pairs the instructor creates virtual breakout rooms in Webex so you and your lab partner can talk privately.


            The biggest changes are:


            1. The different type of interaction you get with the instructor and other students.

            2. There can be a delay in getting help from the instructor during labs.