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    Fusion 5 crashes after "copy" command in Win7

    pdccnet Novice

      I have been plagued by this behavior for some time and finally decided to seek help.


      While working in a Win7 VM, if I copy a file from one directory to another, all within the Win7 environment, and then let my mouse stray to a Mac window (I don't have to make the window active... just let my mouse cursor hover over it), Fusion will crash. I'll the the "submit an error report to Apple" window and can re-open Fusion using the button there. And my Fusion session comes right back. But the crash is annoying. And it's got to be damaging my Win7 OS, I would think.


      Anyone else experiencing this? I searched the Community but didn't find anything that seemed to match the search terms, "Fusion crash copy".


      Thanks for any help or insight.

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