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    Locale - Unable to load Resource Bundle file in Dev Mode Only

    AlfredoQuiroga Novice

      Currently running into an issue loading a resource bundle, but it only happens in dev mode. Details are provided below:



      Current Environment:



      - version: 5.1



      Local Environment Details:



      - Under the application main file we have (fake names in this post):






      - In the plugin.xml file we have:


      <plugin id="com.xxx.xxx" moduleUri="Moduleui.swf" defaultBundle="MyResources">



            <resource locale="{locale}">

               <!-- relative path of the resource .swf generated by the build script -->

               <module uri="locales/Moduleui-ui-resources-{locale}.swf"/>








      - If we compile and build and deploy the application, it all works, the resources (images, icons, strings) are all properly loaded.


      - When we are running this in Dev Mode to debug the application which is vital for us due to the complexity of the app and the transferred DTOs, an exception is thrown saying that it can not load the resource file. The very same file that properly loads when we do a deployment.



      Additional Details:



      - To add to the mystery, we have imported the hello-world-i18 ui project from the vsphere sdk client samples directory and that one works just fine when we run it in dev mode.


      - We have looked over the configurations under .flexProperties, .actionScriptProperties and others and we have at this point absolutely no idea why in the other project the Resource Bundle doesn't load in Dev Mode.


      Any help, pointers are greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,