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    Mobile/Small Devices version of KBs is ready (SEO Ready)

    roopam Novice

      And finally it's done...I am sorry for the delay but on Sept it was XHTML ready but now its ready with HTML5. (You can validate some KBs against http://validator.w3.org and see that most of the pages conform to Web Standards)




      Please check your personal message Rick, The URL is disclosed there.


      I have to tweak the search. The search has been tweaked


      The subject of my personal message is "Mobile friendly VMWare KBs"


      The current mobile and Search Engine Optimized-ready version of VMWare is not yet open to public and search engines since it's not upto date


      This version has around 14,000 articles as on July 28th, this can be updated but I wanted to know what you folks feel about this and then go ahead updating to the most recent one.


      I need only english articles in the sitemap so I that I can go with the English version alone!


      Enjoy viewing it on all most mobile types --- android, cupcake, iphone etc, Rick.


      I'll also document what has been done so far. Update: A comprehensive documentation will be released on this weekend.




      I removed the "See also" section and related the posts found within the database. You can see that there is a section called Recommended Reading at the end of each KB Article