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    Sample Infrastructure Design Template

    StageCoach201110141 Enthusiast

      I'm looking to get a sample design document.  The Cloud Infrastructure Architecture Case Study by Duncan Epping is a great start but for a real design you need a lot more details.  I'm looking to get an example document of real design that includes everything at the physical, network and virtualization layers and everything in the environment that you need to think of.  Not a VCDX design document from someone else.  Just something like Duncan's case study that fills in the rest of the kind of things you need to have.


      Also, it would be great to get some completed Visio diagrams from the different parts of the enviornment (storage, networking, compute layers) that you could take and customize.


      Is there a standard VMware document like the case study that fills in all the blanks?  It can be fictional I just want to get an idea of what a completed design looks at from every angle.