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    vmwarevSphereSecurityHardeningReportCheck.pl get "Use of uninitialized value $msg in concatenation" error

    vspheresecuri Lurker


      I get problem about the security perl script below.



      vi-admin@localhost:~> ./vmwarevSphereSecurityHardeningReportCheck.pl --recommend_check_level enterprise --server
      Enter username: root
      Enter password:
      Generating VMware vSphere Security Hardening Report 5.0.1 (ENTERPRISE) "vmwarevSphereSecurityHardeningReport.html" ...

      This can take a few minutes depending on environment size.
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      Use of uninitialized value $msg in concatenation (.) or string at ./vmwarevSphereSecurityHardeningReportCheck.pl line 3888.

      Start Time: 12-10-2012 12:22:45
      End   Time: 12-10-2012 12:22:50
      Duration  : 5 Seconds



      vi-admin@localhost:~/revision-209> ./vmwarevSphereSecurityHardeningReportCheck.pl --version
      vSphere SDK for Perl version: 5.1.0
      Script 'vmwarevSphereSecurityHardeningReportCheck.pl' version: 5.0.1

      ESXi version 5 under vCenter management, any idea? It no finding in internet, please help.