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    VM machine having both Console Access as well as WebAccess

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      I have a decrepit, failing 32-bit Linux, and an old 32-bit Win/XP.

      I decided to upgrade to a new 64-bit, with too much memory and too much (RAID) disk.

      It was suggested I load ESXi then have my multiple VMs, the first two replacing my 32-bit machines,

      the rest being servers and development machines, so I can keep my web-development stuff separta from my programming

      developement stuff -- jsut for teh experience. Etc.


      Once I loaded the ESXi, I find out I cannot use it as my 'consoled' machine, picking the VM to do my stuff in.

      Am I incorrect ?

      Does the ESXi server require another machine to run the Client software?

      This would kill my goal of replacing all my machines with the one  machine.


      My fall-back plan is to install the latest 64-bit CentOS Linux (using the 'basic server' build-package, then loading VM Server2.

      As a test, I downloaded the 32-bit version on my current CentOS to learn-by-doing on the old machine so I can screw up

      there before I do it for real, after I install CentOS over the ESXi currently installed on my new machine.  I had problems,

      further research, which finally lead me ask for help, advice and counsel.

      Does this seem the way to go?


      My research seems to lead me now to VMPlayer, which seems to have all I need, to create maybe 1/2 dozen VMs,

      of which will be a 64-bit Win/7 or /8.

      Would this be my answer?

      Is there anywhere else I need go for more research?


      I hope I'm in the correct forum.

      Thank you for your help, advice, counsel, direction.