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    Full datastores & Storage vMotion

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      I am running out of free space on few datastores, how can I make space available ? Can I do storage vMotion on VCD UI ? If not, can I do it on vCenter ? What are the consequences ?


      Thanks for your help.

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          I share here the answer I found during a training session.

          The Functionnality does not exist on VCD.

          On vCenter it is possible to do it if linked clone is not activated or if the linked clone is activated and the concened VM is consolidated.


          I hope it helps some others.



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            cfor Expert

            Not a lot of good ways...  You can use the VCD API Relocate API to move a VM (it is a VM level operation, the Vapp version does not function - and it odd that is exists).


            If you make a shadow copy of the template that your VM is based on... then use the relocate operation, IF the vm if powered off it will just relink it to the shadow (that must already exist)...  Otherwise it will move the VM but make it full size (as it no Fast Provision existed).